Hello - my name is Bron Webster and I’m a non-conformer.

I’m a mum who does not give up easily.

I’m a wife, a mum, a part-time step-mum and (for over 20 years) I’ve been living with Multiple Sclerosis.

When it comes to life, the 9 to 5 no longer works for me so I do things differently ……

I know I’m not the only one facing challenges, and I can help if you’re feeling unfulfilled, uninspired and a failure …. because that’s how I felt.

Bron Webster - the Phoenix still rising,
passionate about helping others do the same

Bron Webster

I quit my job in Financial Services in 2007 after my daughter was born.

Why did I quit? ….. I’m not a quitter in life!

Being a first-time-mum was challenging, but brought with it such a rush of love that I began to reconsider my work/life balance.

Three months after the birth I was floored by an MS relapse that left me unable to hold my baby or walk steadily and I knew it was time to focus on my health and my family.

My career was no longer my priority. Moving direction to work with a national charity, I re-trained and used facilitation and mentoring methods to support other new parents who were experiencing life with a new baby.

Bron Webster

Fast forward to 2014 and cancer threw me another curve ball.

My fledgling business teaching baby massage and facilitating groups of parents was too emotionally challenging for me.

Following cancer treatment and recovery I was left feeling worthless and lost. I didn’t know what the future held for me or my family. How would I ever get back to feeling a strong sense of self-worth?

How would I ever get back to being financially independent if my chronic fatigue and mobility problems left me feeling unable to work for an employer?

I couldn’t see any options - but I wasn’t ready to resign myself to a life of daytime TV and coffees with friends.

Bron Webster

18 months later I created my own flexible business - and it suits my life beautifully.

I can work from wherever I am when I’m well (including my bed, the sofa or our motorhome), rest when I’m not well and take restorative time off whenever I need to.

I’m around for my daughter, I have an income, I have a sense of purpose and self-worth and I’m determined to ensure others can benefit from the knowledge I’ve gained during my journey.

I find helping people overcome their challenges hugely rewarding and my intention is to help you identify your own opportunities and ultimately find your purpose.

Bron Webster

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